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Drug Treatment Centers Brooklyn NY Substance Abuse

February 3, 2022

Drug treatment center Brooklyn NY. Please look through the five drug treatment centers in Brooklyn, then determine if they are a fit for what you need. At the bottom are the links to all other drug rehabs in Brooklyn so you can find exactly the free drug rehab NYC that best suites your permanent sobriety.

AAA Health, Inc.
1090 Coney Island Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Ph. (718) 421-2101 call for intake.
Outpatient drug treatment center Brooklyn and Outpatient alcohol rehab for men and womens recovery in Brooklyn.
Outpatient drug rehabilitation services NY drug and alcohol clinics offer additional support of family for inclusion of all immediate individuals affected by alcoholism addiction.
Specializes in Brooklyn outpatient drug treatment and alcohol treatment for they whom experience a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health challenges. The co-occurring treatment Brooklyn component of mental health is referred out in order for focus to remain on alcohol and drug treatment Brooklyn NY.
Brooklyn drug rehabs that accept Medicaid and ask about sliding scale fee for cash payment.
Dynamic Youth Community, Inc. 
1830 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Ph. (718) 376-7923
Substance abuse outpatient drug treatment in Brooklyn alcohol rehab program NY.
Outpatient alcohol treatment NY drug treatment center for teens and their families. Offers residential housing for members. Outpatient drug and alcohol counseling NY available to individuals, groups and families. Residential rehab program for families. Medicaid addiction recovery program NY.
Narco Freedom, Inc.
561 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Ph. (718) 246-7430
Outpatient rehab 
New York drug treatment center is medically supervised alcohol program and New York drug treatment centersNY drug and alcohol counseling and counseling for relapse prevention, emotional management are also offered daily. 
Specializes in co-occurring disorder treatment NY for dual diagnoses individuals and their families. Individuals are therapy and may receive treatment immediatly upon intake for crisis intervention. Treatment is individualized along with symptom management. 
New York Therapeutic Communities, Inc. 
Drug rehab centers Brooklyn2071 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11233
Ph. (347) 770-8650
Louis Concepcion Brooklyn Outpatient Program.
Outpatient drug treatment centers Brooklyn for individuals 18 years and older. Comprehensive substance abuse treatment and case management. Group Substance abuse counselor NYC services for rehab in Brooklyn. Native American Voucher and Medicaid accepted. Sliding fee scale is available.