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Programs for parolees Sacramento and Resources for Felons

February 18, 2022

Programs for parolees in Sacramento and trade school for Felons Ex Offender Services with many other helpful arrest and conviction resources. You are encouraged to get a referral to the Sacramento Community Based Coalition and call all three We Fall Down, Friday Night Support Group and the Parolee Support Group to get involved in positive things with people who want to succeed. I have two words of advice "success" and "money". Find successful people and make them your new best friend, and get money because you will need it to solve problems.  Ready to get off of parole?

Sacramento Community Based Coalition
10170 Missile Way, Mather, Mather, CA 95655 map
Ph. (916) 228-3377 Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Sacramento Community Based Coalition is specifically designed for men and women reentering the community from state prison. Services are available for Sacramento County programs parolees and their families during the transition from prison to home. A referral from the parole agent is required.
Education: Literacy skills, GED, Math skills (General and Job related), trade school for felons vocational services training Referrals and 4-day Introductory Computer Literacy Track.
Substance Abuse and Other treatment Services: Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Education, Anger Management, STD Education, Parenting and Family classes, Male and Female 52 week Batterers program and direct referrals to residential treatment providers, sober living homes and AA/NA.
Vocational Services: and trade school for felons Coaching (when appropriate), assistance with job related needs, 4-day job readiness track, Caltrans partnership providing up to 90 days in a paid employment training program, on-site computer lab, vocational, educational and risk/needs assessments, RT fare and passes, funding for sober living parolee housing Sacramento and service referrals.

We Fall Down But we Get Up
3000 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821
Ph. (916) 613-7601
Resource for felons Every Saturday at 12:00 noon L.D.S. Deseret Industries Thrift Stores Clothing and Household Goods voucher program A.P.M.O.C. In partnership with L.D.S., Provide clothing and household goods vouchers to raise self-worth, a necessary component for a healthy repositioning. Requirements of voucher services, attend Friday Night Video Program.
The Friday Night Support Group
4799 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95820
Ph. (916) 264-2700
Programs for felons At Colonial Heights Library re-positioning model for the formerly incarcerated person and their family to network and socialize amongst interested community stakeholders, in a constructive social setting with positive encouragement and guidance during re-entry. "Always free Hot Dogs, Soda and Popcorn!"

THE JOHNSTAD GROUP, Parolee/Probationer Support for Success
3425 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95817
Ph. (916) 808-6151
Parolee and probationer Life, Drug and Alcohol group Meetings held each Tuesday evening at the Oak Park Community Center from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. programs for felons by and for parolee support.

Addressing the unique needs of parolees and probationers who are transitioning from crime/incarceration to life in the community. “Even if no one else believes you can, we know you can succeed.

Project Save
Sacramento, CA
Ph. (916) 228-2202
Service for first time offenders 10 to 17 age group.
Restoration House
Sacramento, CA
Ph. (916) 454-2068
A Transitional Housing for parolees. Men only.
Our name summarizes our mission to provide transitional felon housing for ex offenders: Help for parolees to restore broken lives by offering a Christian faith-based sober living.

Voluntary Legal Services of Sacramento
517 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph. (916) 551-2102 x3 or (916) 551-2155
Free help to prepare the legal documents and facilitate all other aspects of the expugement process for the low income ex-offenders within the County of Sacramento, CA. Go to: Career Center, 915 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 916-324-6202
"Walk in" and (no phone appointments) make an appointment in person only Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.
Appointments are made for each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week.
Prisoners Rights Union - PRU
P.O. Box 161321, Sacramento, CA 95816
Ph. (916) 442-2240
Information and resources for felons linking for Prisoners, Ex-offenders, Parolees, and Families of Prisoners & Inmates.
5890 Newman Ct., Sacramento, CA 95819
Ph. (916) 446-3838
Services to Families of Incarcerated People for transportation, emergency referrals for food, clothing, and housing.
10324 Placer Lane, Sacramento, CA 95827
Ph. (916) 362-1686 x 304
Information Listing for help with legal services including resources for State and Federal court decision updates.
California Department of Justice
P. O. Box 903417, Sacramento, CA 942-3-4170
Ph. (916) 227-3855
Records Review Unit. A criminal history may be requested for personal review. 25.00 fee.
§ Additional Ex-offender Resources

California New Start Program
Provides ex-offenders with job training, interview and resume preparation, linking to job placement and more. Contact your Agent or attend a local Career Center>> and ask about the California New Start Program. View website>>

1540 Market Street, Suite 490, San Francisco, CA 94102
Ph. (916) 255-7036
LSPC is a non-profit organization with a history of over thirty years of working to restore rights of incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people, release people from prison & reunify people, families and communities during and after incarceration.
Department of Rehabilitation
Are you on parole and have a document disability? 
Then the DOR may have jobs for felons resources to eligible disabled ex offenders.