Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Richmond CA

Richmond Intensive Outpatient Treatment Drugs and Alcohol

Richmond Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation

February 19, 2022
Drug Rehab Richmond and alcohol rehab Richmond are six locations that offer inpatient drug rehab centers Richmond and intensive outpatient treatment Richmond for men, women, and rehab for teens in Richmond.
Most Richmond IOP drug treatment and Richmond IOP alcohol treatment accept Medicaid and Medi-cal.

Bay Area Rescue Mission- Mens
224 MacDonald Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801
Ph. (510) 215-4860
Richmond intensive outpatient drug rehab program and long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation programs Richmond for drug addiction and addiction treatment
 Richmond for men. Includes wrap around services for housing, employment and more services along with the Richmond intensive outpatient drug therapy. No fee.
Drug treatment centers in Richmond

Center for Women and Children
224 MacDonald Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801
Ph. (510) 835-2777 Women's Alcohol treatment centers in Richmond and drug addiction rehab Richmond for women. Drug treatment center that includes life skills training. Will assist women with children. This is a good place to start for women in need of recovery, wrap around services and help with referrals to other Richmond substance abuse center.

1313 Cutting Boulevard Richmond, Richmond, CA 94804
Ph. (510) 232-0874 Richmond intensive outpatient heroin programMethadone clinic Richmond CA
and Buprenorphine Clients Only 
Richmond intensive outpatient rehabilitation for addiction treatment Richmond
Help for heroin addiction in Richmond California. Richmond intensive outpatient heroin program offering Richmond heroin rehabilitation centers and Richmond intensive outpatient treatment heroin.

Community Health for Asian Americans
207 37th Street, Richmond, CA 94805
Ph. (510) 835-2777 "runs the only outpatient adolescent AOD treatment program in West County". Outpatient drug treatment centers in Richmond CA serve typically drug rehab for teenagers Richmond CA and alcohol rehab for teens Richmond CA.

Neighborhood House
820 23rd Street Richmond, Richmond, CA 94804
Ph. (510) 229-5000 Residential treatment centers Richmond CA. Long term residential treatment in Richmond for 90 days. Residential alcohol rehab in Richmond for men and women. Also, alcohol detox Richmond and drug detox Richmond for seven days.

Ujima Family Recovery
3939 Bissell Avenue, Richmond, CA 94805
Ph. (510) 215-2280 Richmond intensive outpatient program for women. Richmond intensive alcohol rehab and Richmond intensive outpatient drug program serve women, postpartum and parenting women with children.