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February 16, 2022
Alcohol treatment Los Angeles. Five alcohol abuse treatment Los Angeles for your convenience they are listed by zip code. Certain words are underlined that help you identify specific eligibility so you can call the place that best meets your needs. When you call ask questions about payment to determine if you can come right in or need to wait on a list.

BAART Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
4920 South Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90011
Ph. (323) 235-5035
Specializes in pregnant and postpartum women needing addiction treatment. The Family Addiction Center for Education and Treatment FACET helps each person achieve independent and successful recovery from substance abuse.for post-partum women Los Angeles.
Substance abuse treatment Los Angeles co-occurring behavioral health and drug addiction in the 
substance abuse treatment Los Angeles
form of suboxone or other method.
Individualized outpatient recovery program Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab Los Angeles treatment for men and women. Sliding fee scale is available.

Mini Twelve Step House
303 East 52nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011
Ph. (323) 232-6228 hotline (877) 646-4127
Residential treatment program Los Angeles for women. Residential treatment facility is long-term drug and alcohol rehab that may include up to six months treatment program. The substance abuse treatment is designed to help women with recovery to meet all challenges to life success. Payment is unknown, however, Mini House is long term therefore, may accept women with drug medi-cal or County funding.
Avalon Carver Community Center
4920 South Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Ph. (323) 232-4391

Substance abuse LA and mental health outpatient alcohol treatment Los Angeles. Drug and alcohol treatment programs Los Angeles for persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. Crisis intervention and counseling onsite.
Also, non-residential drug and alcohol counseling Los Angeles for all individuals desiring a outpatient alcohol and drug free counseling treatment. Medicare, CalWorks and rehab that takes Medi-cal Los Angeles.
Volunteers of America Los Angeles
Outpatient Treatment
544 South San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Residential and non-residential substance abuse treatment Los Angeles for men and women and they whom experience dual diagnosis mental health challenges. Multiple locations and rehab programs.
Outpatient drug rehab Los Angeles and best alcohol treatment centers Los Angeles in outpatient drug rehab program for men and women's recovery. Payment assistance.
Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse-(LACADA) Downtown
470 East 3rd Street, Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Ph. (213) 626-6411
Chemical dependence outpatient alcohol abuse treatment Los Angeles for individuals and teens Los Angeles, CA. Drug alcohol treatment Los Angeles counseling for teens OR individuals. Sliding fee scale and payment assistance is available.
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