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California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator

May 12, 2022
The goal of this website is connecting you directly to the resources without calling an information and referral service, case worker, etc. Therefore; you are empowered to connect yourself to the help you need. Phone numbers and locations for Ultrasound, WIC, Food bank locations, Free drug rehab, Low income housing locations and any other charitable organization in the County of Sacramento.

ATTENTION: In 2020 we all suffered and had great losses. OneFathersLove made it through 2020. Then the riots happened after that. The rioting all but wiped out OneFathersLove. We were supported by businesses through donations and advertisements from businesses, so when the businesses were destroyed, so was OneFathersLove. Due to the effects of the riots we closed the resource center, stopped giving food, rent help and all other help to the community. To this day, we are still not able to provide any help to anyone because we haven't recovered from the riots and the businesses that supported us are no longer available.

YOUR PRIVACY: OneFathersLove does not ask for or collect your personal information. We do not, and cannot, sell any of your because we do not collect it. BEWARE that 211 Sacramento does collect your personal information and they share it with other agencies, staff, trainees, volunteers and programs. 211 does sell your information as well. 211 Sacramento contradicts it's self stating "In addition we collect data from our callers such as age, ethnicity, income, needs, etc. (...and other caller characteristics)This data can be used by agencies in a variety of ways." Never give 211 Sacramento your personal information unless you want anyone in the USA to have it. 211's user data which is 'data about you' is for sale. 211 Sacramento selling user data.

OneFathersLove-with the help of 485 signatures from Sacramento individuals and organizations was able to stop 211 Sacramento, also known as Community Link, from selling resource information of food lockers, shelters and other services to the homeless and indigent population in Sacramento! This petition made change with 485 supporters!

OneFathersLove does not accept the things it cannot change, it changes the things it cannot accept!

In the new world, OneFathersLove is rebuilding it's trust in the community and seeks to meet a very high standard set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). "Trust and Credibility" is that standard. The four factors of Trust and Credibility are: 
  • Empathy and caring,
  • Honesty and openness,
  • Dedication and commitment, and
  • Competence and expertise. 
OneFathersLove has a long way to go in order to meet these four standards. However, OneFathersLove does not have to be perfect at "Trust and Credibility", we only have to be better at it than any other organization!

California substance abuse treatment facility locator.
Substance abuse treatment facility locator NY.

In the new normal of this year 2021, OneFathersLove is going to rebuild it's community base to once again become the number one resource in Sacramento. Our goal is to "lead to the most up to date and authoritative information" on any subject within this website. We have a lot of work to do, but we will get there to the top. 

Drug Rehab Programs
California substance abuse treatment facility locator
New York NY substance abuse treatment facility locator.

Miami Florida substance abuse treatment facility locator.
Raleigh North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility locator.
Boston Massachusetts substance abuse treatment facility locator.

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Low income housing
Description:  Locate Low income housing in Sacramento rent based on your income for subsidized apartments.
Food bank list
Description: Locate Food banks in Sacramento County for emergency food, mobile food bank and free meals.
Description: Locate WIC Sacramento WIC office locations and phone numbers
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"Wonderful site. I wish I had known of it when I moved here a year ago. My husband and I are both 75 yrs old and are on a very low fixed income. This is the only way we can eat enough every month. Thank you."

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