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March 14, 2016
Signs of alcoholism New York
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Welcome to OneFathersLove substance abuse treatment facility locator NY for all individuals, families and professionals locating all ranges of substance abuse treatment programs in NYC from substance abuse evaluation, New York help for substance abuse assessment to substance abuse hotlines NY.

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NY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
1450 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203-3526
OASAS HOPEline: Call or text: +1 (877) 846-7369
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The OASAS is not a drug treatment center in Albany NY, rather the leading place to contact by phone to "Find treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week." OASAS 
answers your questions and offers referrals to substance abuse treatment programs in New York.
Ellis Hospital
1101 Nott Street, Schenectady, Albany, NY 12308
Main Number (518) 243-4000
Emergency (518) 243-4121
Co-occurring disorder treatment NY for inpatient drug rehab NY for alcohol and drug dependency.
Crisis inpatient drug rehab NY hotline 24/7 +1 (518) 243-4000
Outpatient mental health for they whom seek immediate attention in addressing a co-occurring substance abuse disorder and behavioral health challenge.
Eleanor Young Clinic
134 Franklin Street, Albany, NY 12202
Intake: (518) 465-8034 x110
Inpatient rehab New York for co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse counselor NY of alcohol and drug dependency.
Outpatient Drug rehab in NY and alcohol rehab New York services for men and womens sober living New York if eligible for state financial assistance, and for pregnant women eligible for co-occurring disorder treatment NY. Buprenorphine treatment NY heroin addiction rehab. Cash, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted.
Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc.
115 Ontario Street, Albany, NY 12206
Ph. (518) 434-2367
Hours: Mon. 8:00 to 6:00; Tue., Wed., and Thurs. 8:00 to 7:00 and Fri. 8:00 to 4:00.
Substance abuse counselor NY treatment offering individualized an outpatient drug counseling programs in group drug rehab centers Albany New York. Includes multi level of care for meeting the unique and complete NY addiction recovery needs of individuals. There are day and evening outpatient Albany substance abuse programs for alcohol and drug addiction treatment NY, and medically supervised drug abuse treatment and Albany alcohol and drug rehab teatment centers. 
In addition to alcohol and drug treatment Albany Albany, New York programs, providing drug rehab for men and rehab women's recovery center. During addiction recovery there are life skills training, education and employment servies for complete sober lifetime living.
Cash, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. State financial assistance is available.
Albany County Substance Abuse Clinic
260 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12202
Ph. (518) 447-4551
Albany substance abuse treatment for outpatient rehab Albany NY substance abuse counseling treatment Western NY clinics for men and for woman. Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale and state financial assistance is available.
Belvedere Health Services, LLC
1 Van Tromp Street, Albany, NY 12207
Intake: (518) 694-9400 x19
Begin with a initial and ongoing assessment to determine a individualized drug treatment program. Outpatient drug & alcohol rehab Albany NY groups in day and evening program hours.
Drug addiction New York and alcohol addiction detox center in Albany NY as a service upon intake for outpatient drug rehab centers in New York State. 
Accepts self payment, Medicaid and private insurance. Sliding scale fee is available.
Equinox Counseling Center
95 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
Intake: (518) 434-6135
Chemical Dependency Counseling providing drug and alcohol treatment for men New York and women' rehab including outpatient drug rehab for teens New York
Will provide substance abuse treatment New York rehabilitation programs New York with a co-occurring disorder treatment and drug addiction help NY. Cash, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Payment and state financial assistance is available if you need drug rehab financial assistance NY.
Hope House, Inc.
573 Livingston Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
Ph. (518) 482-4673
Residential drug and alcohol treatment centers Albany NY for men, women's rehab centers and drug rehab for teens.  Long term, more than 30 days programs available. Buprenorphine used for heroin rehab in New York. 
Specializes in alcohol and drug therapy for all needs, substance abuse centers in NY for co-occurring disorder treatment NY for substance abuse disorders and drug treatment for mothers.
Chemical dependence outpatient rehab Albany NY clinic begins with a comprehensive alcohol and drug evaluation.
Women's sober living NYC. Beds available for children. 
Self payment with cash, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale and state funded rehab New York assistance available to those who qualify.
Hospitality House Therapeutic Community, Inc.
271 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
Intakes: (518) 434-6468 x102 or (518) 434-6460 x107
Drug rehab NYS as multiple phases of alcohol and drug recovery programs. Self payment accepted. Offers a financial assessment that helps an individual achieve the funds necessary for intake, such as public assistance.
Loyola Recovery Foundation, Inc.
113 Holland Avenue, 7th Floor Wing D, Albany, NY 12208
Ph. (518) 689-3094
New York substance abuse treatment for drug and alcohol medical detox New York alcohol withdrawal and inpatient detox programs in NYS. Buprenorphine treatment used in opiate detox New York.
Specializes in rehab for Veterans, co-occurring disorder treatment Albany NY drug and substance abuse disorders, and continued treatment.
Outpatient rehab NY offering a full range of drug addiction help and alcohol recovery programs including drug evaluation, education and referrals.
"mPOWER program mobile recovery support, peer support, access to addiction medication and medication management aimed at preventing hospital re-admissions for Veterans at high risk for relapse and hospitalization."
Cash, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee available.
Next Step, Inc.
2 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY 12209
Ph. (518) 465-5249
Chemical dependence Albany alcohol addiction treatment and drug rehab for woman NY. Both short term and long term women's rehab centers. Includes the opportunity to move into a supportive clean and sober living environment while continuing outpatient treatment for women NYS. Offers support of alcohol recovery programs for women with children as transition support to recovery for women NY. Self payment and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale available.
Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center
845 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
Intake: (518) 458-8888
Hotline:+1 (518) 482-2455
Outpatient rehab Albany NY for men and women's rehab centers NY.
Inpatient rehab NY for treatment of alcoholism withdrawal symptoms offered 24/7. Includes dual diagnoses, medical treatment, counseling and all needs meet for complete recovery from alcohol addiction. 
New York hospital Detox. Safe detox New York opiates rehabs for men, heroin detox, alcohol withdrawal.
Buprenorphine treatment used in New York detox
Self payment, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted.
Senior Hope Counseling, Inc.
301 South Allen Street, Albany, NY 12208
Ph. (518) 489-7777
Albany alcohol and drug rehab for Seniors. Outpatient New York drug counseling for older adults including gender specific alcohol and drug treatment for men, rehab for women and specialized outpatient substance abuse treatment NY topics of alcoholism, grief and many more. Cash, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale is available. Payment and state financial assistance is available for those who qualify.
Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region Homer Perkins Center, Inc.
76-82 2nd Street, Albany, NY 12210
Ph. (518) 436-1104
Inpatient drug rehab NY intensive long term rehab 12210 of 12 months alcohol and drug recovery programs for men. Intake process of drug evaluation for individualized and appropriate drug addiction treatment New York.
Includes help for men with existing physical or mental health and substance abuse disorders. 
Payment assistance is available.
Veterans Administration Medical Center
substance abuse program New York113 Holland Avenue, Unit 116-A, Albany, NY 12208
Ph. (518) 626-5386
Chemical dependency Albany substance abuse programs with outpatient drug counseling Veterans services. Short term, less than 30 days programs available. Services available for Veteran offenders.
Whitney M Young Jr Health Center, Inc.
900 Lark Drive, Albany, NY 12207
Intake: (518) 465-9345
Substance abuse counselor NY for outpatient rehab Albany NY and drug addiction New York for men and alcohol recovery programs for women in Albany, New York. 
Methadone maintenance drug detox New York treatment program. 
Buprenorphine treatment used in NY opiate addiction withdrawal. Self payment, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale is available.
Drug Treatment Centers Guilderland NY

Saint Peters Addiction Rec Center (SPARC)
3 Mercy Care Lane, Guilderland, NY 12084
Ph. (518) 452-6700
Alcoholism and drug inpatient alcohol rehab NY for men and for women. Short term, less than 30 days programs available. Services available for DUI/DWI offenders. Private insurance accepted. State financial assistance is available.

Drug Treatment Centers in Cohoes NY

Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center
55 Mohawk Street, Suite 100, Cohoes, NY 12047
(518) 235-1100
Recovery outpatient clinic for teens and for men and for women. Buprenorphine used in treatment. Self payment, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. State financial assistance is available. 

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