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Low Income Housing Sacramento Low Income Apartments

March 6, 2016
These are all of the low income housing Sacramento for low income apartments downtown Sacramento based on income to eligible individuals, families or seniors or disabled. Most apartments for rent in midtown Sacramento CA midtown have a waiting list, some short, some long. You can be on more than one Sacramento county low income housing. This list of Sacramento low income housing is updated. You still need to get an application, show proof of income and get on the waiting list.

Washington Square
410 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 448-8155
Low income housing Sacramento CA Midtown Sacramento apartments for rent 
1,2,3 and 4 Bedroom based on income.
Sterling Asset Management Co.
1218 D Street,Sacramento,CA 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 448-8155
Low income housing in Sacramento, CA
apartments 2 Bedroom low income based.

Sackett Corporation

1215 D Street,Sacramento,CA 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 444-3013
Sacramento low income housing list 
1 and 2 Bedroom income based.

Sackett Corporation
low income housing Sacramento CA

2410 C Street
,Sacramento,CA 95816 Map
Ph. (916) 498-9853
Low income housing downtown Sacramento
apartments 1 - 2 Bedroom income based.

Project Management, Inc
1307 F Street, Sacramento,CA 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 366-0486
Low income housing rent Sacramento apartments
1 Bedroom Income based.
Camelot Apts..
1222 E Street,Sacramento,CA 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 443-2847
Low income midtown apartments Sacramento rentals 
2 Bedroom low income based.
Jordan Management
2301 C Street,Sacramento,CA 95816 Map
Ph. (916) 254-5920
California low income housing
apartments in midtown Sacramento 1 and 2 Bedroom income based.
Sackett Corporation
2517 C Street,Sacramento,CA 95816 Map
Ph. (916) 498-9853
Midtown apartments in Sacramento apartments
1 and 2 Bedroom income based.

North Sacramento
Low and Bad Credit

Section 8 Sacramento


South Rancho
Section 8-SHRA
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