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Alcohol Counseling Brooklyn Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Alcohol Addiction Treatament NYC Brooklyn

Alcohol Abuse Counseling NYC Brooklyn Alcohol Counseling

November 24, 2015
Alcohol counseling NYC Brooklyn. Five drug and alcohol treatment program NYC for men, women and specialized co-occurring disorders.

Alpha School Center/Progressive Living
2400 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11208
Ph. (718) 257-5800 x117
Outpatient drug programs NYC and alcohol treatment centers Brooklyn NY for persons over 18 years of age. Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding scale is available.
Housing Works, Inc. 
2640 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208
Ph. (718) 277-0386
Outpatient alcohol treatment NYC Brooklyn drug and alcohol treatment program NYC for individual men and womens alcohol treatment. Offers drug alcohol counseling NYC treatment of the whole person on a individualized basis. Support for recovery includes learning life skills to maintain over all mental and emotional health.
Specialized behavioral health clinic for long term group therapy substance abuse for men and women for they with co-Alcohol counseling NYCoccurring mental and substance abuse disorders.
Drug and alcohol treatment Brooklyn NY.
Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding scale is available. Payment and state financial assistance is available.
CCNS Flatbush Addiction Treatment Center
1463 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210
Ph. (718) 951-9009
Outpatient alcohol rehab NYC drug and alcohol treatment Brooklyn for persons over 18 years of age. Focuses on help to become living independently in all aspect of life. Includes individual drug and alcohol addiction treatment NYC Brooklyn and group therapy along with needed classes for anger management and other key components to community entry.
Provides dual diagnoses substance abuse group therapy for men NYC and women with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. 
Outpatient alcohol counseling NYC Brooklyn is based on diagnoses and intake evaluation. Individual and group drug and alcohol abuse counseling NYC Brooklyn. Medicaid and private insurance are accepted. Sliding scale is available.
El Regreso Foundation, Inc. 
189-191 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Ph. (718) 384-6400
No website use the street view
Substance abuse drug rehab residential alcohol rehabilitation NYC alcohol program Brooklyn for men. Medicaid, Sliding scale and payment assistance is available.
  • Julio Martinez Ambulatory Care
728 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Ph. (718) 534-6894
Drug and alcohol outpatient treatment NYC for older individuals and for men and for women with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.
  • 141 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Ph. (718) 384-6400
Women's residential inpatient treatment NYC drug treatment Brooklyn alcohol rehab Women's program for long term, more than 30 days.

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